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“Don’t be afraid to ask”


Don’t just go back and forward to your GP with heartburn and indigestion.


  • Ask for tests.

  • Ask to be referred to a specialist.

  • Ask for advise on preventative lifelong health initiatives to change diet and lifestyle.


OCAGI also hosts numerous events throughout the year to raise awareness, support and donations to ensure OCAGI is able to continue updating this website and donating to cancer research.


An exciting new venture for OCAGI is the sponsoring of a PhD Scholarship in conjunction with the Western Sydney University, for PhD students whose focus is on oesophageal cancer research.

When first diagnosed with oesophageal cancer, Mark quickly found that there were no support groups, neither offline or online for this particular type of cancer. There was little information, and what was available was hard to find.


Following Mark's passing, the lack of support and information available in Australia was a focus for Polly. In June 2012, OCAGI was founded. OCAGI's first aim was to develop and create this website. We hope this site will give patients, their carers, family and friends, a place to source information, share stories and offer online support through our discussion page. We also aim to provide a “hub” for access to information from reputable organisations associated with cancer, cancer research and palliative care.


It is also our aim to help raise awareness of this type of cancer and spread our slogan across the world:


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