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OCAGI's Mission

To date OCAGI is the only oesophageal cancer focused not-for-profit organisation in Australia. OCAGI has three main goals:


Raising awareness of oesophageal cancer in the Australian community. OCAGI is dedicated to educating the community about the easily dismissed symptoms of heartburn and indigestion. Prevention and early diagnosis is the key.

Supporting those who are diagnosed with oesophageal cancer and their families. OCAGI also holds a support group for oesophageal cancer and upper GI cancers via facebook "Oesophageal Cancer Support Group" which has proven to be a popular and useful resource for those experiencing a diagnosis or who have lost loved ones to the disease. OCAGI has a great online presence and raises awareness through social media. People across Australia are welcome to contact OCAGI via social media and for support and further information.


Raising funds for targeted oesophageal cancer research. OCAGI is one of the only organisations in Australia to specifically raise funds for targeted oesophageal cancer research. Please contact us via this page should you wish to run an event and raise funds for OCAGI.

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