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We strive for to be a hub of information on oesophageal cancer. We know first hand that it can be very difficult to find resources and information on oesophageal cancer. There are a few reasons for this. Oesophageal cancer is quite rare compared to other cancers such as breast or prostate cancers, and so they tend to have more time and resources invested in those types of cancers. 


Nevertheless, it is still incredibly important to establish a hub of information for oesophageal cancer, so that the general community can be informed of the symptoms of oesophageal cancer to prevent the disease from occuring, and also to help those who are currently battling the cancer by providing an overview of what they can expect. This is a goal that OCAGI is setting out to achieve through this website, and through our fundraising and awareness events. If you would like to be involved, please comment your interest or share your experience on our forums, donate, or contact us.


Research Tips


When doing additional research, please be aware that there are two acceptable forms of spelling:


  • Oesphageal, and

  • Esophageal


Ensure to search both terms in Google or your favourite search browser, as this can lead to different search engine results.


Research Destinations


Search in your state's Cancer Council webpage


There are many cancer councils established in Australia. There is Cancer Council Australia, which is a great resource of information for a large variety of cancers, but don't forget that there are also state Cancer Councils, such as Cancer Council NSW which also provide information onoesophageal cancer, and also on research grants and trials.


Don't limit your research to just Australian information


Although Australian information is great as it directly applies to us and is much closer to home, general information about oesophageal cancer is provided by many countries in the world, and it is a smart idea to expand your research efforts to outside of Australia.


Ring your Cancer Council and ask them to send pamphlets and brochures to you.


Don't be afraid to ring your cancer council and have a chat. They can send information brochures to you and can help you in your research efforts.

Of course, the best source of information for you personally is your doctor/specialist. Don't be afraid to ask! They have a lot of knowledge, and you have a right as their patient to voice any concerns or questions that you may have.


Some Suggestions:


My Dr for a Healthy Australia

ANZGOSA – Australia and New Zealand Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery Association

Cancer Council: Victoria

Cancer help UK

About Oesophageal Cancer - A Quick Guide

Cancer index organisation- Cancer of the Oesophagus

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