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Since OCAGI was founded in 2012, OCAGI has had to rely on the annual major fundraiser each year to be able to support our cause. This has limited what OCAGI is able to do, and means OCAGI cannot plan too far ahead into the future, for fear of not having enough funds.


The $5 Challenge allows OCAGI to PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. We want to be able to dedicate funds to research, fund the PhD Scholarship year after year, be able to hold support groups, and raise awareness. Just $5 a week will let us do that.


Please help and click on the 'Subscribe' button below to donate the amount of a coffee a week to help save lives. The link takes you securely to PayPal where you are able to set up your weekly donation either through your own PayPal account or by Credit Card. Please don't hesitate to contact OCAGI if you have any quesitons or concerns.


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