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Meet the People behind OCAGI

Polly Grundy


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Polly is the founder of OCAGI since its inception in 2012 after losing her husband to Oesophageal Cancer. Polly is the President and the main point of contact for OCAGI. Due to COVID Polly had to make the decision of moving from face to face support and now runs an online support group for oesophageal cancer via facebook "Oesophageal Cancer Support Group".

Polly was awarded Campbelltown Woman of the Year in 2014, and is the recipient of the Community Fellowship from Western Sydney University.


Polly is a loving mother of two boys, Cejay and Addision and a doting grandmother of five.

If you would like to contact Polly, please email

Jessica Grundy


Jessica is one of the founding members of OCAGI and has served at the Vice-President from 2015 to 2023 and was Treasurer and Secretary in the two previous years.

Jessica uses her legal skills and knowledge to assist in running OCAGI, and her scientific background to assist in ensuring the content on the website is accurate. If you would like to contact Jessica, please email

Pena Borg


Pena is a founding member of OCAGI and has been the Treasurer from 2015 to 2023. OCAGI is very close to Pena's heart and Pena works closely with Polly, her sister, to market and organise OCAGI's major fundraising events each year.

Since the founding of OCAGI, Pena has played a huge role in obtaining sponsors and managing OCAGI's major event which has successfully grown larger each year. If you would like to contact Pena, please email



Demi Muir


Demi has been involved with OCAGI since 2015 aiding in the major events and in 2019 has taken on the role of Secretary which she still holds in 2023. Demi utilises her scientific, and administrative skills to assist in running OCAGI smoothly. Demi is interested in aiding in the early detection and the “Who, what, when, why and where” of oesophageal cancer.


Demi has known the Grundy family since she was 5 years old, making OCAGI a very important aspect of her life. If you would like to contact Demi, please email

Cejay Grundy

Media Correspondent

Cejay is a founding member of OCAGI, and the son of Mark. Cejay utilises his skills in photography and videography to assist OCAGI marketing, media, website, and OCAGI's events throughout the year. 


Cejay has assisted OCAGI since its founding by helping develop the website with Jessica and assisting with OCAGI's major events.


If you would like to contact Cejay, please email

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