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PhD Scholarship

An exciting new venture for OCAGI is the sponsoring of a PhD Scholarship in conjunction with the Western Sydney University, for PhD students whose focus is on oesophageal cancer research. The scholarship fully pays the PhD of a student, and is worth $39,000.


The first scholarship was awarded in late 2015 to Prapti Shrestha who will be focusing her PhD on detailing the microorganisms that is commonly found in the oesophagus of oesophagus cancer patients or those with pre-cancer symptoms, with the hope that this leads to a clue to a cure. Ms Shrestha’s PhD research will take up to three years to complete with the aim of finding an early diagnosis. 


OCAGI is delighted that the scholarship has been awarded to a local member to the Campbelltown community, as OCAGI and its founders reside in the Campbelltown region. Little to no funding goes to oesophageal cancer research, and OCAGI is pleased that it has been able to partner with the local university, Western Sydney University.


Polly Grundy, President and Founder of OCAGI and Ms Shrestha are in contact regularly, and OCAGI is fully supportive of Ms Shrestha.


It is OCAGI's aim to fund a PhD student annually, through donations that it receives.


If you are interested in this scholarship, please don't hesitate to contact OCAGI for further information.


The Daily Telegraph has written an article on the PhD Scholarship, which can be read here.




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